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Circulars and instructions from the Ministries

Document-ID : A-2/2016
Case-ID : 15/1888-69 (JD), 16/02022 (UDI)
Documentdate : 16.06.2016
Receiver :


Justis- og beredskapsdepartementet

Iverksetting av endringer i utlendingsforskriften – luftfart

Latest changes
  • New: A-2/2016 Iverksetting av endringer i utlendingsforskriften – luftfart (6/23/2016)

    New implementation circular from the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs on the changes to the Immigration Regulations that enter into force on 1 July 2016  to emphasize that Norway follows its obligations under international law in the aviation industry. The reason for the change is that the Legislation Department at the Ministry of Justice has assessed that there is a conflict between the immigration rules and the Schengen Borders Code. The conflict is that the Immigration Regulations requires a residence permit in connection with foreign aviation staff on Norwegian aircrafts, which the Schengen Borders Code Annex VII point 2.1 does not require. Thus, the requirement for residence permits for such  third-country nationals is revoked.

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