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Circulars and instructions from the Ministries

Document-ID : G-06/2018
Case-ID : 17/4890
Documentdate : 13.04.2018
Receiver :


Arbeids- og sosialdepartementet

Ikrafttredelse av endringer i utlendingsforskriften – unntak fra vilkåret om fremleggelse av godkjent reisedokument eller nasjonalt identitetskort ved søknad om midlertidig ar-beidstillatelse for asylsøkere som venter på endelig vedtak (§ 17-24 annet ledd

Latest changes
  • Changed: Immigration Regulations Section 17-24 second paragraph Requirement as to documentation of a permit to take employment as an asylum seeker (4/16/2018)

    The Ministry of Justice and Public security has made changes to the Immigration Regulations section 17-24 second paragraph. The change applies to asylum seekers who participate in integrating programs. When applying for a temporary work permit for asylum seekers who have been accommodated in an integration reception, the immigration authorities may waive the condition in section 17-24, first paragraph, that the applicant must submit an approved travel document or national identity card. The condition of the Immigration Act section 94, first paragraph, letter b, that there must be no doubt about the applicant's identity also applies in cases where there is grounds for exempting from the requirement for documented identity. This temporary regulatory amendment enters into force on May 14, 2018 and is terminated May 14, 2021.

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