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Circulars and instructions from the Ministries

Document-ID : GI-10/2018
Case-ID : 18/3778 (JD), 18/03388 (UDI)
Documentdate : 10.08.2018
Receiver :


Arbeids- og sosialdepartementet

Instruks om opphevelse av instruks GI-03/2014

Latest changes
  • New: GI-10/2018 Instruks om opphevelse av instruks GI-03/2014 (8/10/2018)

    The Ministry of Justice and Public Security has repealed instruction GI-03/2014, which gives instructions on interpretation of the Immigration Act section 67 second paragraph and 68 second paragraph. this is due to the UNE Grand Board resolution of 21 June 2018, which stated that foreigners who commit crimes and are decided expelled, shall be assessed based on their residence status when they committed the criminal offense. Persons with a temporary residence permit at the time of the criminal offense shall be assessed after Section 67. Persons with a permanent residence permit shall be assessed after Section 68.The Ministry will assess whether there are grounds for regulatory changes and, if necessary, return to this.

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