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UDI circulars

RS 2010-067
Document-ID : RS 2010-067
Case-ID : 09/2680
Documentdate : 28.12.2010
Receiver :

The foreign service missions

Laissez-passers (emergency travel documents) – the Immigration Regulations section 12-9

A laissez-passer can be issued to a foreign national who has been granted an entry permit to Norway, without being in possession of valid travel documents or being able to obtain such documents, cf. the Immigration Regulations section 12-9 first paragraph. This usually applies to persons who have been granted a permit for the purpose of residence or work. A laissez-passer shall not be granted without the consent of the Directorate of Immigration (UDI).

The procedures for issuing a laissez-passer in cases where the person in question has lost his/her Norwegian travel documents are stipulated in circular RS 2019-001. Such laissez-passers shall not be issued without the consent of the UDI.

Foreign service missions that are authorised to issue passports to Norwegian citizens can issue laissez-passers for entry into Norway if there are special reasons for doing so. An example of special reasons can be that the Norwegian travel document has expired while the holder has been abroad. It is a condition that the holder already holds a permit to stay in Norway, cf. the Immigration Regulations section 12-9 second paragraph.

The provision concerning the issuing of laissez-passers applies even if the individual is a citizen of a country that is not subject to a visa requirement.

The laissez-passer is made valid for a single journey and for a period of time set by the UDI in each individual case. The period of validity shall not be longer than three months, unless special reasons exist, cf. the Immigration Regulations section 12-9 third paragraph. The emergency travel document is not valid without a visa. The entry visa entitles its holder to stay in Norway for seven days, cf. the Regulations section 3-13.

Laissez-passers must be stored in the same manner as other travel documents.


Hanne Jendal
Head of Department


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