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UNHCR guidelines

Document-ID : GIP-UNHCR-2015-06-24
Documentdate : 24.06.2015

Guidelines on international protection no. 11: Prima Facie Recognition of Refugee Status

The Guidelines complement  the UNHCR Handbook on Procedures and Criteria for Determining Refugee Status and other guidelines for international protection. A prima facie approach means the state or UNHCR recognizes refugee status on the basis of readily apparent, objective circumstances in the country of origin or habitual residence. This approach acknowledges that people fleeing such circumstances are, on a group-level, at risk of harm that brings them within the applicable refugee definition for as long as the circumstances persist, unless there is evidence to the contrary: an individual might not belong to the group, or be excluded from asylum. The approach may also be appropriate in individual cases in mass exodus situations, to speed processing.

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